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The ABC's Minimal Role Play Policy

You probably clicked here wondering what the heck minimal role-play is. This means that even though a small amount of role-playing/fighting is okay, we dont want this to be a role-playing oriented room. Now we dont think that there's neccessarily anything wrong with role-playing, but we think there's something wrong with too much role-playing. The Anime Baka Chat is a social chat meant for anime fans from all kinds of places and backgrounds to meet and become friends. Recently, every other anime chatroom seems to be showing a trend of role-playing, and sometimes even excessive role-playing. We here at the The ABC feel that there are enough rooms out there for this genre, so we hope to be something a little different. So just remember, we have nothing against role-players, but please tone it down so there's more room for the rest of us OOC types! Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this, and good chatting!